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Corporate Summary

Environmental Technology, Inc. (EN TECH) was established in January 1990.  From 1990 to 1993, the company's focus was on tank closures and closure assessments.  In 1993, EN TECH began providing a full range of professional environmental consulting services.  Since 1990, EN TECH has been involved in over 1,000 UST/LUST projects, many of which have resulted in LUST site closures.

EN TECH has many "firsts" when it comes to LUST assessments and corrective actions.  They include:

  • EN TECH was the first environmental consultant to be awarded approval of a correction action plan for in-situ bioremediation without a full Aquifer Protection Permit (APP).   This project in Chandler, Arizona was used as a test case for the legislative reform that now allows bioremediation without a full APP.
  • EN TECH also received the first approval for a work plan for a tank closure and environmental site assessment under the State Assurance Fund (SAF) pre-approval format.
  • EN TECH's off-site property access process is currently being used as the model within the LUST Enforcement Unit.
  • EN TECH was the first environmental consultant to negotiate a bilateral agreement between the ADEQ UST/LUST Section, Remedial Programs Unit under the Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund (WQARF), and the Air Quality Section and our client for a LUST site in Gila County, Arizona.

Additionally, EN TECH has been selected by the Arizona State Legislature to represent environmental consultants on the Arizona Underground Storage Tank Advisory Committee.   EN TECH's management is currently serving on several stakeholders groups which include:  the Soil Task Force, to provide input for the final soil remedial standards; the SAF Contractor Committee, to determine the scope of the next contract including performance standards; the Privatization of the SAF Fund to increase funding capabilities; the Technical Standards Task Force for LUST pre-approval evaluations; and Risk Based Prioritization Stakeholders group determining the rules for Risk Base assessment and closures within the LUST Section of ADEQ's UST.

The basis for EN TECH's success is a dedicated staff of professionals working in concert to complete projects on time and in budget, thus ensuring repeat business from satisfied clients.  We listen to our clients to ensure that their needs are met and that they are safely navigated through the maze of environmental regulations.

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