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Underground Storage Tanks

Environmental Technology, Inc. (EN TECH) is at the forefront in providing consulting services to UST owners/operators and providing effective SAF pre-approval and reimbursement services.  EN TECH was selected by the Arizona Speaker of the House to represent all environmental consultants on the UST Advisory Committee.

Arizona's State Assurance Fund (SAF)
The State Assurance Fund (SAF) was a state trust fund established to assist owners and operators in meeting federal financial responsibility requirements for corrective actions associated with the cleanup of petroleum product releases from underground storage tanks (USTs).  This fund was established by tank fees and a $0.01 (one cent) per gallon excise tax.  These monies were available to qualified owners and operators of registered USTs who identified and properly reported leaking underground storage tanks (LUSTs).  Additionally, EN TECH was an SAF approved consultant for site investigations and remediations.  EN TECH's staff   demonstrated the ability to meet the criteria established by the ADEQ to access the SAF. The SAF is currently inactive.

Preapproval Applications and Work Plans
EN TECH is involved in work plan development and preapproval submittals.  The work plan and preapproval application are key documents in ensuring that the work performed is acceptable to the ADEQ and that eligible UST owner expenditures are reimbursed by the UST Revolving Fund.  EN TECH was one of the first consulting firms to receive pre-approval for our clients.

Effective Regulatory Liaison Services
EN TECH participates in a variety of liaison services for our clients, both site-specific and behind the scenes. Two of EN TECH's principals are registered lobbyists with the state of Arizona pursuing fair and effective legislation and regulations for the regulated community. EN TECH also has staff members who participate with the State Bar, natural resources and environmental section. Additionally, EN TECH's management participates on many of the legislative and regulatory advisory meetings, as well as ADEQ stakeholder groups.

For site-specific issues, EN TECH's project managers pursue equitable resolutions of regulatory violations and specific topics regarding investigative compliance, remedial goals and site closures with specific ADEQ case managers.  Many negotiations have substantially benefited our clients in achieving timely and effective resolutions to LUST issues.  EN TECH has effectively addressed Notices of Violations (NOVs) and Consent Orders for our clients.  EN TECH's ultimate goal is to achieve case closure for our clients and assist in maximum reimbursement recovery from the SAF.

Volunteer Status Assistance
Property owners who acquired contaminated properties were allowed to apply to the SAF for volunteer status to achieve cleanup of their properties. This allowed property owners to clean up their property without taking on the status of owner or operator of the LUST.   The SAF  reimbursed the volunteer for 100% of the reasonable and necessary costs incurred for investigation and remediation. This mechanism provided the property owner to restore the soil and groundwater and enhance the value and saleability of the property. EN TECH assisted several clients to achieve Volunteer Remediator Status. The volunteer program is currently inactive.

Efficient Quality Site Characterizations
EN TECH provides fast and effective site characterization services that result in a full evaluation of the vertical and lateral extent of soil and groundwater impact. Additionally, EN TECH is versed in expedited assessment techniques such as direct-push, hydropunch and soil gas sampling. Our relationship with a variety of subcontractors including drilling companies, land surveyors and waste disposal firms allows us to coordinate site activities in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our staff of seasoned geologists delineates soil and groundwater plume boundaries, contaminant migration pathways, fate and transport, and soil and aquifer characteristics. The data gained through our site characterization studies are used to perform health-based risk assessments, determine cleanup goals, direct feasibility studies and design remedial actions.

Feasibility Testing and Corrective Action Planning
The ultimate goal is to restore the condition of the soil and groundwater to acceptable levels and achieve LUST case closure.  The most effective means to this end is to develop a full understanding of the subsurface conditions affecting contaminant fate and transport, risks to human health and the environment and mechanisms for contaminant recovery.  EN TECH employs a variety of investigative tools to evaluate soil and aquifer.  Feasibility testing may include radius of influence tests for soil vapor extraction, bench scale tests for bioremediation, slug test or pump tests for aquifer characterization, contaminant mass balance and rate of recovery calculations for air quality control permitting and compliance.  The feasibility testing phase provides data necessary for the selection and design of effective remedial actions to achieve site closure in a timely and cost-effective response.

Effective Remedial Design, Construction, Cleanup and Site Closure
EN TECH's engineering staff has extensive background in the development, design, construction, implementation, operation and maintenance, and permitting of a variety of remedial systems.  EN TECH works closely with our system vendors and construction subcontractors to install effective remedial systems specific to the site cleanup goals and schedules.  EN TECH has a long history of achieving site closures for our clients.

Remedial systems include soil vapor extraction, bioremediation (in-situ and ex-situ), carbon adsorption, air stripping, dig and haul, and contaminant fixation.

Please contact us if you need additional information on EN TECH's UST or LUST consulting services.

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