Kevin Moloney
Accounting Manager
Mr. Moloney joined EN TECH in 2019. As a former Comprehensive Health and Safety Process Co-Chair at United Parcel Service, Mr. Moloney acquired more than fifteen years’ experience coordinating, planning, and supporting daily operational and administrative functions. Key strengths are in problem solving, attention to detail, and organization. Mr. Moloney performs accounts payable and receivable duties, creates and maintains vendor accounts, and reconciles invoices, credit card receipts, and bank statements. He processes vendor invoices and drafts checks. He oversees creating client invoices, verifying all time and material entries for accuracy. He makes sure licenses and staff certifications are current. As an adjunct to our Fund Coordinators, Mr. Moloney reviews field forms, labor, and expenses compared to approved budgets, updates project running balances, and interacts with subcontractors, clients, and project managers. He has B.S. in Finance from Arizona State University.