Environmental Technology, Inc. (EN TECH) is a leader in Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) services. Our qualified and experienced professionals provide our clients with timely and cost-effective ESAs, utilizing the current American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards and EPA All Appropriate Inquiries regulations.
Liability Reduction

The key to EN TECH’s success is providing our clients with quality data and information in an understandable format to assist them and their financial institutions in reducing the liabilities associated with making real property transactions.  The driving force for these assessments is the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) and the requirements of due diligence investigations for the innocent landowner defense.  This reduces the possibility that contaminated property is purchased inadvertently and that the responsibility of environmental contamination does not transfer with property ownership.
Site Reconnaissance

EN TECH’s staff of environmental professionals provide visual assessments of vacant and developed sites and identify potential environmental concerns.  They are well versed in the ASTM practices and are knowledgeable of the sources, routes and causes of chemical impact to soils and groundwater.  The vicinity reconnaissance provides the client with information on the surrounding properties and how they may affect the environmental conditions of the property of concern.  The site reconnaissance compares regulatory compliance documents and historical information obtained from interviews and record searches with observations made in the field.
Historical Information Search

EN TECH’s environmental professionals conduct interviews, examine historical maps and aerial photographs and review property ownership records to evaluate past activities that may have adversely impacted the property.
Regulatory Database Searches

EN TECH uses internal databases, public documents and computer network files to determine the extent of regulated activities, chemical use and toxic spills for the subject property and surrounding area.  EN TECH’s professionals evaluate this data to provide our clients with information on actual and potential environmental concerns.
Transaction Screen

EN TECH also provides our clients with the ASTM-standard Transaction Screen.  This questionnaire and limited database review provide a significant amount of information at reduced costs.  This service is generally offered as a preliminary investigation and for land transactions involving rural or vacant properties.   Recommendations for a full Phase I ESA would be made only if information in the transaction screen indicated discrepancies or areas of concern.
Other Associated Services

EN TECH also provides regulatory compliance audits, asbestos building inspections, drywell investigations, drywell investigations and permitting, and other services related to property transfer activities.  Please see the appropriate service area summary or call an EN TECH representative for additional information.