Ms. Badger joined EN TECH in 2018. Ms. Badger has provided technical support to EN TECH staff on various projects. She provides assistance to project managers by setting up and creating graphical interpretations for various reporting needs such as site plans, groundwater contour maps, hydro graphics, topographic mapping, boring logs, etc. for inclusion in reports. Ms. Badger is the primary coordinator of TSIP (Tank Site Improvement Program) for Arizona and UST Cleanup Fund (Fund) activities for Arizona; these responsibilities encompass everything from the preparation of proposals and cost estimates, organization, preparation, and submittal of applications to tracking funds to appealing denied costs. Ms. Badger acts as a liaison between our clients and their pollution liability insurance carriers to complete claim acceptance. She is responsible for handling all Fund activities in such a manner as to maximize efficiency, cost effectiveness, and monies recovered. Ms. Badger has six years of administrative experience and expertise including management, payroll, various human resources duties, accounts payable/receivable, vendor setup and maintenance. Representative Projects UST Removal Oversight – Responsible for the coordination and scheduling of UST removal site activities at multiple facilities. These activities have included the procurement of required state and local permits, subcontractor selection, on-site management of field activities, the preparation of site-specific health and safety plans, UST closure soil sample data reduction, and the preparation of the UST closure reports. Ms. Badger has her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University.
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