Terry Trendler
Mr. Trendler organized EN TECH in 1989, in response to an overwhelming need for quality environmental services for the retail petroleum industry. Mr. Trendler has over 20 years of petroleum-related experience including construction and environmental law. He is a former President of the Western Petroleum Marketers Association and a former President of the Arizona Petroleum Marketers Association. Mr. Trendler has served on the Maricopa County Self-Insured Trust as an environmental specialist member of the Board of Trustees. He was appointed by the Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives to serve as an environmental consultant’s representative of the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Advisory Committee on prioritizing corrective actions for USTs and coverage under the State Assurance Fund (SAF). Mr. Trendler is a registered Arizona lobbyist pursuing the interests of petroleum marketers and the environmental consulting community.